Wedding Seal

At A1 Common Seal, we understand the importance of the biggest day in your life. A wedding needs to be special, elegant and has a long-lasting memory. Today's weddings, consist of digital and simple invitations with general Emails, however, there are many amongst the matrimonial crowd who prefer to make their wedding mean much more, with detailed planning and a very strong auspicious presence. Now feel the impression last forever with a whole range of options from basic graphics and diagrams to customised monograms and patterns, our wedding seal stamps can add flair to all your mementos and wedding invitations or guest gift takeaways. With a wax that is clear, uninformative and easy to remove. You can now still honour a heritage tradition, with a physical invitation to maintain the value and custom that was once shared by only the royal and imperial families. Using our own wedding seal that hardens within no time of sealing and can be stamped with an accurate customised logo and particulars as per your specifications. They can be used for sealing wedding envelopes, gift cards, and gift packing as well. Go Classy and stylish with our genuine quality Wedding Seal.

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